17 Sep

How Weathertech Sun Shades Can Help Regulate Temperature of Your Car

Parking your car outdoors especially during a hot sunny day can increase the car’s temperature drastically. This is because of the extreme hot weather outside and no proper ventilation to regulate the car temperature. The sunlight penetrating through the window directly inside the car absorbs heat. This cannot escape out of the car. WeatherTech sun shade plays the role of a filter that reduces the building up of the heat inside the car regulating the temperature.

What makes Sun shades an important part of the car?

The direct entrance of the sunlight inside the car, coming from the window makes the temperature grow inside the car. Additional to that, the front windscreen acts like a magnifying glass further intensifying the sunrays which makes it hotter during sunny days.




Presence of ultraviolet rays in the sunrays adds to the warming of the air inside the car. This makes it unbearable. What’s worse than the heat is the damage that can occur due to the ultraviolet rays present in the sun. This can not only heat the temperature up but also damage the interior properties of the car causing cracks to the dashboard.

Using WeatherTech Sun shade helps prevent the sunlight from directly entering the car through the window. They block the sun rays entering the car by absorbing about 99% of the ultraviolet rays present in the sunrays. This helps the temperature to be normal inside the car.

What are WeatherTech Sun Shades made up of?

The Sun Shades are basically made out of fabric which is wired in a rectangular ringlet. The front side of the sun shade reflects the light back during summers. The black back of the body absorbs the heat during the winters. The shades can be bent easily and are detachable from the window whenever required.

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