26 Sep

Fake pee testing of drugs

Better option

Fake pee is commonly used in states where it is not legal to use marijuana. In some of the states it is legal to be used for medical purpose and in some of them they are legal to be used for recreational purposes as well. If you were to have the real and fake pee for test of drugs then you wont be able to tell which one is real and which is fake. Both of them have the same texture, color, smell and the organic ingredients like the uric acid, urea, metabolites and creatinine. If you are having some drug test which is unsupervised then you can move to the synthetic urine. With the help of it you can easily clear your test in this manner.

At time people also think of using the urine of the friend show gives arrange that they do not drink and will have pure and clean urine. Well when you are having the option of fake pee you should go with those options only. Your friend urine may be contaminated with some drug metabolites traces and then it can also have the risk of the temperature mismatch of urines which can get you to the disqualified sample and that can lead to more problems. Thus you should go with the option of the fake pee.

Not for all

Always keep in mind that fake pee used for testing of drugs cannot work for all. It can be used only in case of the lab test which is unsupervised and the assistant is not watching you while you pee in the bottle. Make some research for fake pee and about the lab which does the test. You should go and check with the urine collection process and check whether they are having any hard assessed rules. It is important to know whether you will be allowed to go in the bathroom cubicle for pee.

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